Canoeing Caddo Lake from Pine Needle Lodge
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There are two unique canoeing destinations in Texas, and one of them is Caddo Lake.
Canoe Caddo Lake from Pine Needle Lodge.Canoe clubs from Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Huntsville, Shreveport, and Beaumont canoe (and kayak) Caddo Lake, most yearly and a few monthly. Pine Needle Lodge is where 85% of their trips start and end. You can rent or buy a canoe from us or bring your own, but our lake is unique.

When you are ready to canoe, we don't just hand you a paddle and vest. We select the best boat for your trip goals, measure you for proper-sized paddles, and give you professional canoeing tips, safety instruction, and paddling lessons without charge if needed. We even have special paddles and life vests for kids.

Hot shower time!Canoe Club Launching at Pine Needle Lodge

With a canoe rental you get a detailed canoe trail map with each day's rental. These maps are also available to those bringing their own canoes. You will need a map -- at least to get back -- from Alligator Thicket, Whistleberry Slough, Red Belly, Hay Rake, and dozens of other mysterious and hidden locations.

Our rental fleet now includes canoes, kayaks, and several wooden solo pirogues (for skilled paddlers). A two-day canoe rental is $30 or $35 (for non-guests). 

For reservations or further information, call (903) 665-2911 or write
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